What's UpDog?


When it comes to promoting your business, you want to do it right the first time. When you’re dressing for success, paying attention to small details matters because they can go a long way in helping you make a lasting impression with your customers.

From coffee mugs to mouse pads, apparel and stationary, you can use almost anything to improve the visibility of your brand and encourage your customers to make a meaningful connection with your business. Meaningful connections will create brand loyalty, and brand loyalists will keep coming back for the products and/or services you have to offer.

We also offer a comprehensive range of screen printing services to meet your specific needs. Functional and visually pleasing, you can use customized products with your brand message to attract attention at corporate events, trade shows and other events.


Add a Little Fun to Your Promotional Campaigns

Mark Your Territory with Custom Printed Items from UpDog

We use only the best quality materials in the design and production of our promotional and screen printed products. Our screen printing services are growing in popularity for powering up our clients’ marketing campaigns. You can trust us for unmatched quality and competitive rates.

Showcasing your brand at a corporate event or tradeshow is an ideal way to advertise your business to the masses. Whether you’re planning a new product launch, reinforcing your brand message or generating leads for your business, these events offer a great opportunity to make your business stand out. Companies that manage to convey their brand message in a creative and inventive way tend to attract attention easily.

When used diligently, promotional items provide an opportunity to attract your target audience and power up awareness of your brand. Once designed in bulk, you can use the materials throughout the year at different events to boost brand awareness and brand loyalty.

Whether you’re a small business looking to improve brand awareness or a well-reputed brand looking to reinforce your brand message, we can help you develop a strategy and design that makes you stand out.


UpDog is a company that brings print, web, branding, promotion and marketing services to local businesses. We provide a simple single-source solution to a group of complex products and services in order to create brand awareness. Starting with your local target market and extending to your online presence, our pack will help build your brand identity and create strategic, innovative and engaging print and web media that will deliver your message and increase awareness and influence for your business. We’re the branding pack leader who will help make you Top Dog in your industry.

UpDog specializes in business signage and large format printing, as well as the design and development of evolutionary modern websites. Our services include: vehicle wraps, print products, promotional items and screen printing, graphic design, logo design, website design and development, social media strategy and consulting. Our company provides a variety of service options and plans; we want to work with you to develop the best plan to fit your marketing budget and meet your daily and long-term business needs. We understand better than anyone the importance of maintaining your brand and developing strategy and collateral that supports it and leaves a lasting impression with your audience.

Contact us today! Let’s work together to help your business succeed.


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